Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Cymbidium Orchid Blooms with Attributes

A Legendary Event's Floral Director Kim Vasil has noticed a recent surge of interest for a flower with lots to offer—The Cymbidium Orchid. “I think that people are requesting this flower because it is exotic and elegant,” Vasil explained. “Personally, I’m kooky over this orchid—it’s hearty, sleek, and mixes well with more traditional flowers.” Vasil gently traced the shiny petals with her index finger, “This type of flower has more depth than most, it’s truly a multi-dimensional flower, perfect for a more contemporary look.” She showed me the Cymbidium’s color palate—ranging from pale sage to white with a variegated throat of Merlot. I am struck by the flower’s clean simplicity. Its light, sweet scent is another one of the Cymbidium’s attributes. The buoyant bouquet is reminiscent of a pristine meadow at daybreak—unlike some blossoms that bear an overly, sometimes pungent perfume-like scent. The Cymbidium is literally a breath of fresh air.
Above: An Outrageously Elegant Cymbidium Orchid Chandelier

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